Knights of Walpurgis

Feel the Chill

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2021 at 12:56 am

I’m thirsty. I’m sleepy. I’m in Switzerland and I could be anywhere I want to be. Sometimes, I’m in Sweden and sometimes, I’m in Japan.

Now, I’m watching this.

Later, I will go to 4chan and go to kpop general in /mu/ to be with the deep denizens of the web. Later, in the darkness of the night, I will go to the same site with my phone using Firefox Focus (highly recommended btw).

I’m paranoid now. I use VPN, Tor, 2FA, password generators, password randomizers, basically anything.

I would wake up around 0730 to 0830 to work out. I have work but it’s weird as it is from 1200 to 2100. But it pays enough except my cab ride costs me gold.

P.S. I used to follow this stupid bitch in reddit. Dumb ho strips nude and posts her face. Then disappears but she didn’t know about people saving her nudes (of course they will, it is a public site). Porn sites also use nudes with her face visible. She tried getting it out by pretending to commit suicide and messaging these people that her “friend” did that because of the nudes. Of course I found out about her old accounts using this

In the 41st day

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2020 at 11:24 pm

Day 40 of quarantine.

I bought milk tea. The one gallon type. I think it was honey sugar or something. Just for me to sooth my nerves in this heat and in this quarantine.

I was not able to sleep the night after. Just twisting and turning in my bed. My thoughts are not racing, but just continuous. Around 2.30 A. M., I went out of my bed, fucked my ho for 30 minutes and tried sleeping but failing.

Day 41 of quarantine.

I “woke up” around 8.30 A. M. Went about my usual activities. I tried sleeping from 12.30 P. M. to 2.30 P. M. as a siesta but my thoughts still continue.

I am going on 40 hours of no sleep now. Good grief.

My Weakness

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2020 at 4:43 pm

I felt weird today. Woke up very early 1.30 A. M. to do some stuff. Slept around 3.00 A. M. after finishing myself. Woke up again around 6.45 A. M. to go to work. Walked around the long streets of the city. Barely anyone is there. Went to work (we are one of the few offices that are open).

Ate breakfast. Coffee, banana, fired bread with ham and cheese (which was 90% bread and cholesterol).

Work was easy. I barely did anything. Just watched Vikings on my free time (which is pretty much 95% of my current workload).

As I was walking back home, I felt a weird sensation. As if the tips of my fingers are getting weak. My legs are getting weak as well. At first, I thought this might be the virus, but that symptom is not common. I might be having low blood sugar. It was hot as it was the noontime sun but I have walked these streets for a thousand times and I never felt what I did now. I immediately went to the nearest convenience store to buy food–sandwiches, bread, and junk food.

Felt better after. I might have some sugar problems.

I want this virus to end so everything goes back to normal.