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To C. It’s complicated

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2011 at 3:55 pm

I met this girl last December. I never thought that I would be in love again since this is the last semester for me and I am about to graduate.

We were in the same class in philosophy. Classes start on October but we never really talked to each other since I just thought of her as just another classmate albeit a pretty one. It all came to the point where we were supposed to choose our groupmates but I do not know any of my classmates, even those that sit beside me. However, we were sort of pulled to each other because she does not have a group.

I do not know her name. I already met her when we were writing down our names on the pieces of paper. We held our first group meeting the afternoon (our classes were in the morning). She was early for the meeting which was a surprise since I expected her to be late, like most people are. I went to her and I got the courage to ask her name. We talked for more than thirty minutes which seemed like an eternity to me, before our other groupmates arrived. Two days later, I texted my groupmates for us to conduct a meeting about our project, however only she showed up. It was also in the afternoon but she has a class afterward which means that we have an hour and a half of free time. We talked about stuff and others while we trudged along the university campus. I slowly found myself falling for her.

Last Christmas, I gave a gift to her. It was the first time that I actually gave a present to a girl in which I was not required to do so. I wanted to talk to her but she left in a hurry. Her text message saying thanks is the only consolation I have. After the Christmas vacation, I was already dying to see her. By this time, we were already seatmates. I was translating terms for her in English since she is not quite familiar with the native language. I texted her in the pretext that we have to study since we will be having a quiz. We went to the nearest coffee shop to study where we would have privacy.

I do not really know if she is attracted to me but the times I have been spending with her are really long and one of the best I had. I want to ask her out but she always has something to do on Fridays. This Friday, she went back to her province to her parents’ prodding because of an absurd request which I am not at liberty to say. Next Friday, I have stuff to do which is required by the school. It is a trip which we should have conducted last year but due to cancellations, this requirement was pushed to the side. Therefore, I am not allowed to go out late on a friday for the next two weeks. I really wish I have a car so that it is not shameful for me to take her out on a date.

After our graduation, she was supposed to go back to her province where she would work under her family’s business but I will stay in the city since I will pursue further studies. It seems that it is absurd for me to continue this fantasy since this is already fated to end. What am I to do?