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Drink from the Cup of the Accursed

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Accursed. That is what I consider myself while in this sorry state. I am currently sick with the most annoying sickness of all time: colds. This sickness is so common that it is almost impossible that you know anyone who did not have a cold ever in his/her life. The common cold is caused by the rhinovirus and, like all viruses, there is no real cure but time and a healthy immune system. No matter how germophobic and paranoid you are (like me), you cannot avoid having a cold at least once a year.

I have tried almost every known precaution such as sanitizing my hand to prevent infection and I consciously avoid people who have the cold but no matter how hard I try to, I still get sick. Since it is a virus, in theory, a vaccine can be made to make a person immune to the virus. However, there are numerous strains of the virus making it impossible to have complete immunity to the effects of cold virus. Social pressure also convinced to stop some bad habits of mine which would leave me exposed to colds. I am just at the second day of infection and I hope that the infection have already reached its peak and it is a downhill for the cold from that point on.

The title of the article comes from the fact that the viruses are so ubiquitous that it is possible to be infected just by drinking from the cup containing the virus. I also have mild pain in the back of my neck and in the edge of my left eye. Dr. House can you help me?

Here are the dates when I was infected with colds:

20 November 2009

3 March 2010

7 June 2010

18 September 2010

16 February 2011

28 May 2011

99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One

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1990's Volkswagen Passat

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I have no bitch. Hence, no problem. No bitch, no problem. No woman, no cry.

I have always wondered why I am not successful with girls and I came up with an enlightened realization: I had no car of my own. We have a family car which my father does allow me to drive and… that’s it. He made me learn how to drive two years ago and get my license but I still have not yet driven anything since the time I had driving lessons.

The picture in the side is not our car. Ours looks a whole lot better than that. However, I would be very thankful if someone would give me even an old car like that. I do not care if it is manual or automatic transmission though automatic is preferable but manual does have its perks. If it can move from point A to point B without giving me a scratch, has good gas mileage and looks decent enough to put into the roads, I would love that car. It does not have to be a fancy European luxury car which everyone wants and really is overrated. People think that you if you have those cars, girls would start chasing you but, maybe, if you are not such a big slob and try walking as a means of exercise instead of driving as an excuse for laziness, you might get laid.

Every time I see Twitter, a brilliant idea crops us in my mind. How about making an adult-themed version of Twitter? Let’s call it… Titter!

Big Front End

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In one of the required retreats that I attended, one of the speakers told the participants that there is some way for girls to show you their boobs. He said that he has a theory: girls who smoke have browner tits than those who do not smoke. Basically, the smoke and carcinogenic chemicals in the cigarettes are able to change the color of tits from pink to brown.

I once had a girl classmate that I knew though we do not see each other anymore and when we do, we pretend that we do not know each other. This girl has a something that is very unique to her. Yes, she is a smoker and I saw her smoking in some of the designated spots in the campus but this is just the tip of the iceberg since she has a very special characteristic. She is physically gifted with ample breasts. Most guys instinctively know if a girl got help from our silicon friend. Silicon breast just do not look natural at all. They seem to be hard all the time and there is what I call the tell-tale gap between the breasts which a guy can use to gauge the authenticity of her puppies. The girl that I knew, however, had authentic jugglies. Her gazongas sag by just the right amount which is actually pleasing to the eye. Also, she is not one of those big-breasted fatties that everyone sees in television. She is actually very slim and her legs are really creamy. I once got up close to her and I saw how hot her legs were and her boobs were really big. I bet they are really soft and fluffy too.

Density of Your Personality

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Some people really are numb about the social realities facing them. There are millions of people who do not have enough to eat yet here you are flaunting your riches with your monthly travel abroad. You are rich. We all know that. You are filthy fucking rich. You do not have to shove it in our faces! You rich people know nothing of how hard it is for those in the lower class. They discriminate against us in a lot of things just because we cannot afford with our monthly wage what you regularly have in your gold-lined wallets.

I disdain fate for giving me shitty luck. Why do some people have everything why others do not have anything. Why are some people good at everything while I only have one thing that I am good at and I am not even the best in that aspect. Being second does not count since no one remembers second place. These same rich people have experienced everything that life has to offer. They are spoon-fed with the best education while most have to struggle through everyday life just to get to school. They easily go to places that they went because they are given absolute independence with the presence of their own cars while I, myself, have to suffer going through the hassles of public transportation and at the risk of being held at gunpoint. The point I am driving at is that some people reap the benefits of a very happy accident which is that they are born rich while others have to accept their misfortune.

Power of Anonymity

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Gouzenko wearing his white hood for anonymity

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Anonymity gives power. I strike from the darkness without repercussions. From the shadows, I cannot be seen. We are anonymous and we are many. A personal blog from an anonymous source could wreak havoc on appropriate targets but the blog that I made is for me. I could ramble about everything and put my feelings forward to the world without the shame of knowing my true identity. I cannot freely participate using my real identity since restrictions are imposed upon people by social conventions. The anonymity offered by the internets gives way to openness of feelings. Also, I included a portion where anyone can anonymously comment about my posts so it is a two-way thing. Haters and lovers can say what they want but what I made is something that is motherfucking great.