Knights of Walpurgis

Density of Your Personality

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2011 at 11:15 am

Some people really are numb about the social realities facing them. There are millions of people who do not have enough to eat yet here you are flaunting your riches with your monthly travel abroad. You are rich. We all know that. You are filthy fucking rich. You do not have to shove it in our faces! You rich people know nothing of how hard it is for those in the lower class. They discriminate against us in a lot of things just because we cannot afford with our monthly wage what you regularly have in your gold-lined wallets.

I disdain fate for giving me shitty luck. Why do some people have everything why others do not have anything. Why are some people good at everything while I only have one thing that I am good at and I am not even the best in that aspect. Being second does not count since no one remembers second place. These same rich people have experienced everything that life has to offer. They are spoon-fed with the best education while most have to struggle through everyday life just to get to school. They easily go to places that they went because they are given absolute independence with the presence of their own cars while I, myself, have to suffer going through the hassles of public transportation and at the risk of being held at gunpoint. The point I am driving at is that some people reap the benefits of a very happy accident which is that they are born rich while others have to accept their misfortune.


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