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99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2011 at 9:51 am

1990's Volkswagen Passat

Image via Wikipedia

I have no bitch. Hence, no problem. No bitch, no problem. No woman, no cry.

I have always wondered why I am not successful with girls and I came up with an enlightened realization: I had no car of my own. We have a family car which my father does allow me to drive and… that’s it. He made me learn how to drive two years ago and get my license but I still have not yet driven anything since the time I had driving lessons.

The picture in the side is not our car. Ours looks a whole lot better than that. However, I would be very thankful if someone would give me even an old car like that. I do not care if it is manual or automatic transmission though automatic is preferable but manual does have its perks. If it can move from point A to point B without giving me a scratch, has good gas mileage and looks decent enough to put into the roads, I would love that car. It does not have to be a fancy European luxury car which everyone wants and really is overrated. People think that you if you have those cars, girls would start chasing you but, maybe, if you are not such a big slob and try walking as a means of exercise instead of driving as an excuse for laziness, you might get laid.

Every time I see Twitter, a brilliant idea crops us in my mind. How about making an adult-themed version of Twitter? Let’s call it… Titter!


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