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Weird Dream and Relaxing Stuff

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2011 at 10:15 am

I had another dream. I do not know if I had the dream because I took a medication for my LBM last night or I had the dream for no freaking reason.

Here is the dream. First, I am crossing a span of the bridge. The bridge is one of those that are supported by a metal framework in the side. I came to a lodging which seems to be cramped. On the left of my lodging are two other rooms. There is a common bathroom for people to take baths. I saw an old classmate of mine in high school and he invited me for us to take a bath together. We are of the same sex. However, I chose to take a bath in another shower room in the bathroom. I do not remember anyone getting naked or taking a bath but I do remember that when I went out of the house, the bridge was flooded. Only the metal supports of the bridge was visible. I have a blue kiddie circular flotation device and later, I saw myself balancing on the device while there was a flood.

One of the realization that I came upon last night is that I can sleep with the help of a relaxing image. That image is that of a calm sea. In between the sea is brown boat and that boat contains only two people: me and my lover. She was wearing a white sundress and I remember that she also has a white hat. She was glowing with an almost blinding tint of white because it is morning. There was only us, the boat and the wide expanse of ocean. We were about to kiss. There is only peace, quiet and relaxation.