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Summer is So Over

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Things have been going pretty rad these past few months. I’m on quite a long vacation without any work cut out for me except management papers which are not even required. For the past few months, I have been so tensed with what is happening in my life. Let us  just say that I’m in a phase. Okay, I just finished college and I am in graduate school. When I was in college, I did not relish my high school memories but now, in graduate school, college seems to be a walk in the park in retrospect. I have experienced my most difficult week in college in the last two weeks before the exams and I experienced an equivalent amount of difficulty in just the second month of graduate school. Well, graduate school, they say weeds out the weak. You do not have to be the smartest but you have to be the most adaptable. You must make your desire manifest and you must will it so hard that you would not want anything in the world except to graduate.

New experiences also opened up to me. I have been trying to quit smoking for a very long time. For now, I have a realistic goal of not smoking in the weekend since I am at home and cutting down my maximum to four cigs in a day. I fear the day that I would have lung cancer and my family would give me a look that asks “Why?” I also fear that my lungs would not be cleared when shown in an x-ray. Boom. Lung masses, what can you say to that?

I now occasionally drink. The usual hard stuff but I am finding that beer tastes very good except for light beer. Heineken tastes awesome. I cannot describe the taste but it is quite sweet. I also tried smoking weed and I felt really good. When the first time I tried it, I felt not much (I believe that I already posted it in this blog). However, the  next day, I felt really sleepy that I slipped in and out of sleep while waiting for something which I would not want to elaborate. In my second pot session, I felt the real good shit that was weed. In my first time, we and a high school classmate and another high school classmate’s girlfriend, shared a joint but for my second try, things become more interesting. One of us brought his stash and his bong and shared it with a lot of us. More than ten of us tried the good stuff. I was stoned in my seat and when I tried to leave it, another baked person would come and take my place. I felt that my horizon was slowly tipping over and when I stopped, I felt the movement of the world. We looked at ourselves i the mirror and we laughed at how we look with our slightly distorted faces. Our eyes were bloodshot. I felt the tickling sensation in my belly and best of all, I finally felt the legendary munchies. Munchies do not make you hungry. It’s just that everything that you eat tastes so fucking good. I can only say that sensation is similar to when you are thirsty where the first drops of water in your tongue tastes like diamonds. That is quite similar to the munchies where the food that you ate has magnified taste. The bacon strips tastes so good and the sweetness of popcorn cannot be described.

Blazing Slip

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I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness every thirty minutes. Reading this book is such a downer. Almost like a sedative. You feel numb and your brain shuts down. I cannot get any success in finishing reading the required reading (a reading within a reading? READINGCEPTION). I just took a break to be able to tolerate the monotony of this existence and the sedative is always ready to jump at you when you expect it the least. My eyes are bloodshot almost as if I smoked a bag of weed.

I hear the dull thud of the water hitting the plastic container meant to catch it. It sound very similar to footsteps of someone in flip-flops. I also found out that ants keep crawling on my water cup for unknown reasons.