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Woe is Me.

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I am so sad. I am so very, very sad. My sadness cannot be comprehended by this infinite melancholy. Too much happened just recently. All I wished was to be normal, for everything to happen according to plan, for everything to fall into place.

I was reviewing the whole Thursday for a exam on Friday. I stopped reviewing around 1 am on the same friday because I still need to wake up around 5 am in order to function magnificently in the examinations. However, I started tossing and turning. I cannot manage to go to sleep. It has not recently been a problem since reading required examinations usually make me sleepy. However, that Thursday, there are no classes and I was able to have an afternoon nap. In the night, I drank a can of latte in order to insure that my mind would still be sharp even after 12 midnight. Continuing the story, I am lying on my bed, trying different positions to determine which one is the most comfortable to no avail. I even tried beating the bishop and was successful but it still did not bring me to sleep. I think that I went to the bathroom at least four times before I was able to sleep. I slept at 3 am.

Regarding the girl I was fantasizing about: She is cute but she is at least a year older than me. I am bigger than her so I think that I can manhandle her. She has a nice face and she has a pinkish tinge on her skin. Her hair is dyed light brown and it always gives me an idea that it is broom like because of its girth though the dye makes these look fragile.

I woke up and ate breakfast. Went to school. The exam is our only class. After the exam, I went to the nearest shed to get a cigarette break with my friends. That has been one of my few cigarette breaks. In the past two weeks I did not smoke unless an exam is finished. After this exam was finished and I am smoking with some dudes and a dudette, a teacher went around the smoking place and when she was a bit far away, she looked into our direction. She saw me. That I was certain of. I did not know if she knows me but I sure does not want to know. She became a teacher in one of my classes but since we are a big class, I hope that she does not recognize me at all. I was certain that she was a teacher because I saw her at the faculty room. I actually looked for her to ascertain that she is a faculty. When I think about it in retrospect, I wonder why she did not even tried to apprehend all of us when she clearly saw us smoking.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Just a thought. In the film The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of the scenes involve the destruction¬† of the Earth by an alien race because Earth is apparently in the way of a intergalactic highway and it is doomed for destruction. Earth was destroyed but the protagonists were alive and the destruction was due to a mishap in the part of the retarded Galactic President.

Just imagine the consequences of such an action. All that people hold dear, will vanish in an instant.There would be no more schools, parks, other places and especially all the people that you know and you yourself would be gone in an instant. There would be no more life, especially intelligent life. However, the surviving earthlings would still be able to procreate albeit form a limited genetic pool. Such an event is called a genetic bottleneck where the population is reduced to such a low level because of the catastrophic event. In any case, such an event is detrimental even for future generations because it severely limits the gene pool by a large factor. There would only be resistance to very few diseases.

The good news is that in the film, Earth was reconstructed. It was actually brought back from the state where it was in before the destruction of the human homeworld. The question remains: are the people from the reconstructed Earth the same people as that of the old Earth? They look the same, they are wearing the same clothes and there is an apparent continuity of memory because they seem to know about the prior destruction of Earth. Are the new humans just the same humans reconstructed from the building blocks of life or are they sort of preserved prior to the alien race’s destruction of Earth?