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How do you work now, WordPress?

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2011 at 8:56 pm

The new WordPress layout is confusing. It takes me very long to reach the page that I want which is this page where I am supposed to blog. As a blog site, the primary concern of those who visit this site is to blog. All other things like looking at other blogs would be of secondary importance. It takes too long for me to reach this portion of the site and it annoys me greatly since I would like to write about my feelings as soon as possible. So please, make it easy for us, for all your users to blog.

I believe that I am not the only WordPress user to have this complaint. It is best to hear out these complaints because unlike the social networking site Facebook which has no viable competitors (though Google+ is trying hard), there are other alternative blogging services like Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal, Multiply and Facebook. Blogging relieves stress so, please, do not make it more stressful for us netizens to blog about our experiences. I like WordPress because of its neat interface and I hope that I would continue to be so. If there are changes, I hope that it will be for the best but, as of this moment, I do not know how the current changes would improve my blogging experience. Perhaps this is a beta version and WordPress is testing it out in order to see how users would react.

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