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Treated as Equals

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2011 at 11:58 pm

I propose a theory of egalitarian infatuation whereby those commonly called (romantically) “in love” are equals and specifically, of equal economic status. This observation might seem obvious but the media pervades the notion that people of different social status will have meaningful relationships. This notion is a grave falsification of the order in which the world works. A poor person cannot marry a rich person or, if they indeed have a romantic relationship, it would not last. It is doomed to failure.

Since the man and woman (the only ethical relationship) are equals, there must be reciprocal exchange of resources between the two. In the chauvinist view, only the man gives the resources while the woman dispenses according to her will based on the family’s need. Even in this case, the woman devotes her time and energy in order to properly distribute the resources, the effort of which is equal to the work that the man does.

Society has an innate capability to stabilize itself. There will always be rich and poor and there will always be more poor than rich. A truly egalitarian society, like the vision of communism, is a mere fantasy. Homeostasis would tend to keep the poor in their miserable situation and the rich in their affluence. Members of these classes would have different cultures even within a country. Hence, an economic subculture is an integral part of a stable society. It would be easier to relate with a person of similar social standing and “falling in love” will mostly be a process that will be easy. If two people of different social statuses “fall in love,” one of them cannot give equal resources to the other. The subcultural boundaries also would result in different world views: the rich worldview is the world as a place where resources can be generated while that of the poor person’s worldview is the world as a place of struggle for survival. The rich see stability in the status quo while the poor sees a world that does not care for them.

Rich people would not want to marry people that are less rich than them. Some of their resources will be diverted to the other person without a corresponding and equal resource exchange. It is then established that love is a contract of economic nature. This view might seem pessimistic but this is how the world works. However, rich people do not stay rich forever but poor people can remain poor for several generations. There is then a tendency towards disorder which is inherent in any system and not just in thermodynamics where this fact is frequently mentioned. In order for this disorder to happen, one needs only to do nothing and time and life would come into passage to erode the social order. The appropriate term for this is entropy.

P. S. There is much more to be said but time simply is not enough. I would expand this article in my next essays which might include examples from my life which is very wonderful indeed. I can only blog in the privacy of my space when the people in the house are asleep or when I am alone. This gives me plenty of time to think without the pressure of people looking over my shoulder and saying, “Whatchoo doin’?”