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Lecture Hall, Coffee Shop, Getting Baked

In Uncategorized on January 29, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Last Wednesday, I saw an old acquaintance of mine in a coffee shop where I usually go to study. My home is very far from where I study and so, I took public transportation to go to a mall where the coffee shop is for me to better understand the notes while I am reading them. I am still of the opinion that coffee shops are overrated. I did not go to Starbucks because that shit is overpriced while the shops are usually overcrowded. You cannot go and study inside the shops because it is always full while the chairs and tables outside are always hot from the heat of the sun or stinks from the smell of burnt tobacco.

Last Thursday, I went to the same coffee shop to study for my final exam on Friday. I just had an exam on that Thursday morning. I ordered a hot beverage but I usually order an ice-blended whipped cream coffee. That might have something to do with the fact that I became sleepy. I also felt quite paranoid for my stuff whenever I leave to go to the loo because someone might steal it. I do not bring my laptop with me because that is a thief magnet. I just left my things at the table where someone would not take an interest in it because it is mainly stacks of paper which have no value for anyone except for me. I was so sad (I do not want to use that commonly abused word: depressed, to describe my state of mind). I was cursing God for my misfortune because I had a cold again. This is the third time it happened in the last three months.

Last Friday, we finished the test and I think I burned quite a hole in my pocket. We went to a somewhat expensive Japanese restaurant which prices its meals at four dollars per person. After eating at the fancy restaurant, we drank some beers at a place nearby. Well, not nearly nearby but somewhere that can be walked. I just drank one beer, a roasted malt beer and this proved to be superior in taste compared to those with stronger alcohol content. I smoked the cigar which my friend gave to me.

We then went to the house of the ex-boyfriend of my friend. His house was quite bleak because of the lack of paint but it is good enough. He bought several paraphernalia for smoking weed and we got it going. He already has a joint that is rolled along with two pipes, one metal and one glass. The metal is easier to use because it is smaller but it gets hot easily. The glass one is hard to control. I think I only succeeded once when I used the stuff. One of our friends kept on sucking at the pipe that he was stoned as hell. He can barely walk and he seems to be ready to sleep in the terrace where we were easily skanking. After the session, my friend and I left though the effects of the grass were wearing off and we began to eat a snack that he bought and damn, those Chinese biscuits tasted really good when you are pretty baked. After we parted ways at the train station, I noticed that my bag stinks of weed even though it is just the cigar that my friend gave to me. I surely hope that the smell is now gone.

This weekend has proved to be revitalizing. There is almost nothing to do (actually, there is but it involves a deadline in March which is a long way off). So throughout yesterday and today, I only watched Rurouni Kenshin and finished Avatar: The Last Airbender. This weekend recharged for the days ahead when I have to confront the prospects of examinations again. However, just today, something was revealed to me.

I have a recurring dream. Today must have been the second or third time that I have the dream. I was in a dimly lit room that looks as if it is a lecture hall but it looks like an opera theater. In the center is a screen flanked by purple drapes where there seems to be a movie that we are supposed to watch. I was on the last row on the left of the stage and the movie is thus quite far. The seat where I am was in a blind spot. It is covered by a wall so that I cannot perceive what is in the film. I switched to a different position, about a row in front. I did not watch the movie. I simply slumped back and looked at my notes. Afterwards, a former teacher of mine appeared and he was literally looking down on me and I was looking up to him. I remembered that he wore some kind of black shirt with a word printed in white in front. I did not remember the exact word. He said, “Excuse me,” as if he did not recognize me and he proceeded in his way. The dream ended when I heard my Granny calling me for lunchtime. It was a siesta, by the way, that gave me the clarity of insight