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Killing Time Yet I Have Important Lessons To Finish

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How do you know if you are psychologically an adult? It is simple if you follow Dewey’s criteria for reflective thinking. This means that alternatives are weighed based on information and beliefs, not just on the last one which usually happens in those who considers themselves as adults. Like a judge in court, he is the tribunal of the self and the executor of his mind where, based on evidence, he would come up with a reasonable conclusion.

Aside from being intimate with the person of the opposite sex (homosexual relationships are not natural since they are disruptive of the order of things), the career path of an individual must be already consolidated. Of course, a person must be committed to his work because failure to do so would lead to unnecessary distractions. He must be duly compensated for his work in order for him to believe that someone actually believes his input in the first place. This would lead to contentment with the job which would make the person love the job more because it gives them personal satisfaction.


P.S.: Just imagine, since homosexuals cannot have biological children of their own, they cannot propagate the homosexual tendencies in their genes which would ultimately result in the homosexual’s extinction. The emergence of the next homosexuals would then be purely a phenomenon influenced by the environment. 


Morality and Musings on It

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What does Kohlberg’s stages of moral development tell us? There is a lot to learn from this. For example, pre-conventional morality involves, first, avoidance of punishment. Conformity to self-interest or wants proceeds from this. It is an indication that the aversion to pain is more primal than push to satisfy the desire.

The second level is the conventional morality. It first involves an introspection into the person’s intentionality and motivation and ends in looking at the greater perspective of society.

At the third level is post-conventional morality. The first principle is the “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” principle. This is a powerful principle because it reflects the will of the majority without regard for their level of understanding (this could just be due to the media spoon-feeding them with lies). The will of the majority can destroy a person and even a country. Never underestimate the person who can wield this power in his hands. The next principle involves universal ethical principles (the existence of which is still being debated) which transcends time, place and culture. This seeks to derive humanity into its basic goodness which means looking for what is innately good in each and every person. The last perspective involves looking at the universe and how it absorbs the effect of your actions. This means that every little thing you do affects everyone else even though it is negligible but if a million of these little things coalesce, they become powerful agents of change.

We now proceed to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development in adulthood.

What is important for me is the stage of intimacy vs. isolation. The goal is to achieve love and commitment in order to populate the earth by gratuitous amount of boning. My problem is that I already started in this stage yet I still have not yet found my lover. This is indeed grave because I am running out of time and I failed to, at least, reveal my fondness to a girl I use to know. Aside from looking for love in this stage of your life, career is also one of the preoccupations of people in this stage. The balance between these two has been the subject of many films and TV series and the fascination with these are indicative of their value.

I would like to tell you more if I have time but right now, I need some sleep. 



I can’t think of a title because my stupid network connection tried pulling a fast one on me

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I am at the stage in my life where I have to explore my identity in love and work. The picture that I am trying to use is taking forever to load.
I am also feeling shitty. No, I don’t feel bad about myself but I want to take a dump or drop a deuce. I have constipation and this feeling sucks especially when you want the thing to come out yet it does not but when it comes to the worst time, your bowels will ache like you have been stabbed. I want to drink a laxative so that my cycle would progress regularly like clockwork.
I am studying in advance for my next lessons (DUH, that is why it is called “advanced studying”) but I feel lazy as hell. I earned this weekend. This weekend is my escape to Hawaii. This weekend, I just watched sitcoms to death.
The squeak of a mouse was in my bedroom but now, it was gone. I hate mice and rats. They are annoying as hell and they bite the hell out of you. You cannot kill them like what you do with cockroaches. You cannot step on them and hope that they die. You cannot even chase the damn things! No hole is too little for them. Every crevice, nook and cranny, they would try to squeeze in their disgusting bodies for the site of sustenance.
I will post some other shit later.

F. Y. A. Y. F. (Fuck You And Your Friends)

Pre-Hunger Games

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I want to watch Hunger Games supposedly today but circumstances change and I too must roll with the waves. They say that the book is a good read but I have no luxury to read and enjoy such a book these days. The only ones I have are the textbooks which I need for my studies.


…Searching for cinemas like a baws! SM is my choice because it is substantially cheaper than the alternatives. Come to think about it, there are really no alternatives. The only problem with this website is that sometimes it loads really slow because it has a lot of pictures.

The funny thing is that I though that only one cinema is available for today. I was wrong. Well, too bad. You can’t change the past but you can look forward to the future. Here is the schedule:


Schedules, WHUT?!

The Wrath of the Titans is also showing though I would not want to watch it given that the prequel, the Clash of the Titans, does not even involve Titans. It has a Kraken which is from Norse mythology.

Anyway, SM Cinemas have this online ticketing system which I am still reluctant to try


Heh. Having fun with screenshots