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Morality and Musings on It

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2012 at 11:49 pm

What does Kohlberg’s stages of moral development tell us? There is a lot to learn from this. For example, pre-conventional morality involves, first, avoidance of punishment. Conformity to self-interest or wants proceeds from this. It is an indication that the aversion to pain is more primal than push to satisfy the desire.

The second level is the conventional morality. It first involves an introspection into the person’s intentionality and motivation and ends in looking at the greater perspective of society.

At the third level is post-conventional morality. The first principle is the “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” principle. This is a powerful principle because it reflects the will of the majority without regard for their level of understanding (this could just be due to the media spoon-feeding them with lies). The will of the majority can destroy a person and even a country. Never underestimate the person who can wield this power in his hands. The next principle involves universal ethical principles (the existence of which is still being debated) which transcends time, place and culture. This seeks to derive humanity into its basic goodness which means looking for what is innately good in each and every person. The last perspective involves looking at the universe and how it absorbs the effect of your actions. This means that every little thing you do affects everyone else even though it is negligible but if a million of these little things coalesce, they become powerful agents of change.

We now proceed to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development in adulthood.

What is important for me is the stage of intimacy vs. isolation. The goal is to achieve love and commitment in order to populate the earth by gratuitous amount of boning. My problem is that I already started in this stage yet I still have not yet found my lover. This is indeed grave because I am running out of time and I failed to, at least, reveal my fondness to a girl I use to know. Aside from looking for love in this stage of your life, career is also one of the preoccupations of people in this stage. The balance between these two has been the subject of many films and TV series and the fascination with these are indicative of their value.

I would like to tell you more if I have time but right now, I need some sleep. 




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