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Killing Time Yet I Have Important Lessons To Finish

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2012 at 10:41 pm

How do you know if you are psychologically an adult? It is simple if you follow Dewey’s criteria for reflective thinking. This means that alternatives are weighed based on information and beliefs, not just on the last one which usually happens in those who considers themselves as adults. Like a judge in court, he is the tribunal of the self and the executor of his mind where, based on evidence, he would come up with a reasonable conclusion.

Aside from being intimate with the person of the opposite sex (homosexual relationships are not natural since they are disruptive of the order of things), the career path of an individual must be already consolidated. Of course, a person must be committed to his work because failure to do so would lead to unnecessary distractions. He must be duly compensated for his work in order for him to believe that someone actually believes his input in the first place. This would lead to contentment with the job which would make the person love the job more because it gives them personal satisfaction.


P.S.: Just imagine, since homosexuals cannot have biological children of their own, they cannot propagate the homosexual tendencies in their genes which would ultimately result in the homosexual’s extinction. The emergence of the next homosexuals would then be purely a phenomenon influenced by the environment. 


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