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Facebook. Facebook of Sex… and what we are all thinking about: Fuckbook

Facebook has changed our lives for the better and for the worst. We can now reconnect with our grade school friends no matter what part of the world they are in. I have friends who are now in the USA, Canada and Germany. We can instantly connect with these people through Facebook Chat or Messages or for those who really want to show off, Wall Posts and Status Messages can be chat rooms which are visible to all that you set your privacy settings to.

Another thing is to show of our availability to future mates: Single, In a Relationship, Married. Note that they used the term “In a Relationship” because it covers a wide range of connotations mainly being boyfriend and girlfriend but it could also mean just dating or in a mutual understanding without associated labels (some people are like that. Try watching 500 Days of Summer). Single and Married are pretty much legally definable terms. You can be single but in a relationship but you can’t be married but not in a relationship. Seriously, WTF? Why are we doing this? Because of this fact:


That is the reason. Pure and simple evolution. Natural selection. Declaring that you are single is advertising to the world that you need a mate. Saying that you are married means that you have triumphed that you are close to passing on your genes in a manner acceptable by society. Of course, you do not need to be married in order to bear offspring but some societies still look upon this practice though it could have a scientific explanation since most well-adjusted children have both a mother and father. 

BTW we are getting ahead of ourselves. We are losing the point. Facebook has really cool new features such as theTicker. This makes use of sorcery in order for the viewer to see changes in his/her contacts in real time. Hovering over the ticker reveals a menu where he can interact with that certain post, if the user/s permit him to do so. This is an example of the ticker. This changes in real time unless there is slowing down of internet connection. As far as I know, only browsers in laptops and desktop computers can do so. Mobile phones and tablets still cannot do so. Here is a screenshot of my ticker, with names, groups and thumbnails blurred:


How can Facebook do such magic? Answer: Advertisements. Here are some examples


Another thing: You can ensure your privacy is not compromised by looking at the address bar. Make sure that it is “https” not just “http” in sites where you sign in such as social networks and email. You can make your browser private in Internet Explorer, Firefox (Orange drop down menu becomes purple) and Google Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+E). However, ISPs and servers can still store your cookies, but you can use this:


I don’t wanna use it because it wants to remove my media downloading attachments. You can download tor anonymity here