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Guideline Dissemination Problems

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2012 at 11:05 pm

In order to make guidelines, research evidence through clinical trials and clinical experience from reporting by physicians would have to be combined. These are then supposed to be disseminated to patients but the problems with Guideline Dissemination is numerous. For example, social norms prevent the physician from just supplying the guidelines. Ethical concerns also arise as to how much disclosure the physician must be willing to do. Rewards and sanctions seek to motivate and make the physicians avoid punishment. The decision support systems must also be in place which will ensure that the decision made by the stakeholders will be put into play. Patient problems also arise especially with non-compliance and motivations for not taking the drug are a part of the problem. All of these affect the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior of physicians which would lead to patient care processes and outcomes.

The system for guideline dissemination is rife with errors. Latent conditions like Management decisions and organizational processes like having an open formulary and bad handwriting by doctors also contribute to the problems. Triggering factors or factors influencing clinical practice include error producing conditions and violation producing conditions