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Are we the new things? emaciated skulls

gathering in dingy coffee shops drinking five dollar crack

and we call ourselves cool because we can

stimulation not altered perception is what we seek

focused and tunnelling. narrowing like a rabbit hole

Antihistamine Cases

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Case A: Tara is a 36 y/o porn actress. She has allergic rhinitis. To control her condition, her doctor, Dr. Anna Tatu decided to give her 4-8 mg of carbinoxamine (an ethanolamine first generation antihistamine) (gun+ox+ours). The patient noticed that she was becoming sleepy and decided to get a stronger drug to trip on. She obtained dimenhydrinate (another ethanolamine first generation antihistamine) (2 men + hydrin). The dose this time is 50 mg and she was knocked out and became sleepy. 

However, being a fool that she is, TT changed her mind and wanted a drug with a lower dose and to decrease her sleepiness because she is feeling a psychological dependence. Dr. Tatu gave her tripelennamine (3x + & + ours) (an ethylamindiamine first generation antihistamine). The dose was 25-50 mg.


Case B:

The Pied Piper is having a bad case of colds. The children gave him hydroxizine (a piperazine first generation antihistamine)(-OH + zine) and he was immediately asleep. It was 15-100 mg (just think of drowning in water). 

He changed his mind and wanted something with less side effects but insisted that it must be piperazine and it must also cure his vertigo for his flight to Mecca. He was then given meclizine (25-50 mg). 


Case C:

Achilles has colds. Hector gave him Brompheneramine and Chlorpheneramine. 4-8 mg for each. Chlorpheneramine is also given in combo with OTC cold meds. Both are Alkylamines.


Case D:

Your patient, Emma Watson, a 22 y/o female is vomiting a lot. She also has trouble sleeping. Dr. Potter decided to give her promethiazine (10-25 mg) (a phenothiazine first generation antihistamine) and all became clear.

Case E:

Mr. Firefox runs the Mozilla Corporation but his allergy suddenly attacked. He turns to you to give him something that would alleviate his allergy but would keep him awake. He wanted something powerful, preferably 3rd generation so you gave him 150 mg and 180 mg of fexofenadine.

Case F:

Lorraine is busy and has 24 hours in her shift as a clerk in Quirino Memorial Medical Center. You gave her Loratidine and this cured her. 10 mg only.

Case G:

Destro has finally destroyed Superman but he still has allergies to kryptonite. You recommended desloratidine.

Case H:

Cern Abbas was given Ebastine. 10-20 mg. True story.

E-H are Piperidines.

Case I:

Piperizines. (it has zines)

A satyr is having an allergic attack so you gave him 5-10 mg of cetirizine. It is more difficult to acquire the stereoisomer which is a 3rd generation antihistamine. This is levocetirizine.