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Antihypertensive Drugs

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Case I

Ben decided to go and enroll himself in a gym after his doctor diagnosed him with hypertension going into coronary heart disease. The doctor prescribed him with beta blockers so that he can exercise safely. It also solved his arrythmia.

Case II

Ren, Ben’s friend, also takes beta blockers because it reduces the release of renin from his juxtaglomerular apparatus. However, his doctor noticed that he is having prolonged time for high glucose content in the blood. Having antioxidant effects, it also made him feel younger. The doctor claimed that this would prevent him from having a myocardial infarction.

Case III

Bronco has asthma and hypertension. The doctor prescribed him some anti-hypertensive drugs except for beta blockers since these have bronchospasmic activity. He also has diabetes and this further eliminated beta blockers from the list of drugs. Being the badass he is, he still bought some beta blockers. He failed to have children. He was so sad and he thought it was because of his lack of children but it is actually an effect of the drug.

Case IV

Propio and Metong love eating salty food so much that they developed renal damage. They also have hypertension. As a doctor, you gave him propanolol and metroprolol. You also advised them to stick to their drug schedules or else, their blood pressure would shoot up and they would also have arrythmia. You also warned them about decreased desire for sexual intercourse.

Case V

Artemio and his bro, Narding went to you for check up. They are alcoholics and lab results have show that they have compromised livers. You decided to give them Atenolol and Nadolol for their high blood pressure.


Case VI

Prince has been diagnosed with vasospastic angina a.k.a. Prinzmetal variant angina. He was given calcium channel blockers. However, his condition progressed to chronic stable angina. After experiencing angina, his calcium channel medications were stopped and he was given beta adrenergic blockers and nitrates as replacement


Case VII

John Dillinger and his girlfriend, Vera Pam are hypertensive people due to all the car chases, bank robberies, armored car robberies and police and military police shootouts that they have been to. The doctor believes that a massive heart attack will happen to these two and decided not to give dihydropyridines. They were instead dosed with diltiazem (a benzothiazepine) and verapamil (a phenylalkylamine). Noted were facial swelling and constipation. Little does the doctor know that they are also taking other cardiac depressant and hypotensive drugs that resulted in addiction.



You want to increase the diameter of the coronary blood vessels of your patients, Nifemio and Nicardio. You given them Nifedipine and Nicardipine. You can also give them verapamil and diltiazem but these have longer lasting and more widespread effects. Their condition progressed to angina pectoris and you gave them nitrates and beta blockers. However, you returned them to using calcium channel blockers.


Case IX

An abuser of calcium channel drugs was found to be edematous with hyperplastic gingiva in physical examination.


Case X

Queena is having left sided congestive heart failure. Chest X-ray revealed left ventricular hypertrophy. She already had a previous myocardial infarction. As the cardiologist, you prescribed a long-acting angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and active drug quinaprilat.

Fosinopril is the only drug with phosphate ligand. The rest of ACE inhibitor prodrugs have carboxyl groups.


Case XI

Sarah has hypertension. She does not tolerate ACE inhibitors very well so you prescribed to her the angiotensin II receptor blocker, saralasin. After her hypertension is cured, you found out that she was pregnant and you stopped her medication. She later developed glomerulonephritis due to some bacterial infection and you removed ARBs from her treatment options for hypertension. After she was cured from her kidney disease, you replaced here ARB with longer-lasting ARBs like losartan.


Case XII

Ranny already had myocardial infarction. You gave him ranolazine to further counter the ischemia.


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