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In Uncategorized on November 6, 2012 at 12:21 am

Or more like, just finished watching all three seasons of that show. That show was the mint and is wicked. The fourth season is still in the works but Dan Harmon sure gave us a clue when he gave the hashtag “Six Seasons and a Movie.” Such a cryptic message could fuel hope for the fans of the series. This show deserves to be extended because of its intelligent use of humor which is fresh for its time. How about, instead of monitoring Nielsen ratings, networks would just look at the volume of data shared in the internet? The number of seeders and leechers could easily be found by someone with a computer and an internet connection. TV networks which have larger resources could hire researchers for a more in depth look at the meaning of statistics and they can see that the public really dig the shows. 

Why won’t Jeff and Annie bang each other? They are hot people and Annie totally wants it. Annie’s got the boobs, Jeff’s got the abs. They could make a good porno. Alison Brie is hot as hell. It would be good if the show explored their relationship more than that of Troy and Abed which are found on almost all the last scenes on each episode except when Leonard interrupts with his Youtube channel. 

I would also want a definite diagnosis for Abed and Chang. Both are nuts but they manifest in different forms. I admit that sometimes it is difficult to follow what is happening in the Dreamatorium especially when Annie and Abed where in that room together. There were just too many mix-ups. Chang is cool. Cool, cool, cool. He is crazy as hell but the way he handles himself given that, according to Jeff, he has a “dozen psychiatric disorders you would not wish your worst enemy could have.” Well, Chang defines the depth of the human brain before it slips into almost insanity.


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