Knights of Walpurgis

Reaching the Edge of the Crescent Moon

In Uncategorized on December 26, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Here is the next dream.

It was dark, maybe stormy with hints of lightning and thunder and there was a flood. I am trying to reach my bag but I can’t. The bag is in the top of a hook-like piece of rock which was almost curved into a semi-circle. I tried reaching for the bag and looking up. I am quite sure that I was climbing the rock like a mountain climber dangling from the harness but there was no harness for me. Only bare hands gripping the rock which appears to be smooth. I can feel my feet hanging in mid-air while my hands are holding the rocks but I still cannot reach my bag. I can feel the flood rising and then I dropped. To my surprise, the rock was a mere six feet and it was a light fall without any injuries. When lightning struck, it illuminated the rock and there was a platform at the bottom of the rock where the some bags, including mine, are found. I looked up and what I thought I was reaching was my bag was actually not my bag. Surrounding the platform where small people with old women faces and they seem friendly. One of them held up my bag to me and I reached for it. The End. 


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