Knights of Walpurgis

F. U. C. T. (From Under The Cork Tree)

In Uncategorized on December 27, 2012 at 9:41 pm

I had another dream. This one takes a turn for the worst. It was almost like the battle scene in the movie 300. Me and some of my comrades were holed up in a hut in some tropical islands when these natives came to invade us. At one point, I saw the leader of a Roman legion gallop into the battlefield seemingly leading his men to help us but, in an instant, he was gone. I felt that each of my brothers-in-arms fell from the battle field until I was the only one left. I tried to run away but I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my back. I believe that a spear got the best of me and I am dying. The end of the dream.

P. S.: Today is a very itchy day. Swarms of fleas came out of nowhere to my study. It was really tough fighting against these vile creatures. I surmised that it came from the dog when these organisms are escaping the onslaught of the anti-flea powder. Now they are jumping into their next victim which is unprotected by anti-flea powder who is me. I sometimes caught some of them and execute them by drowning in the water or by putting them between the fingernails of my index finger and thumb and using the fingernails of the same fingers from the opposite hand, I would separate their bodies with blood pouring out of them which probably came from me.


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