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A Little Ways Down The Road

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2013 at 10:02 pm

So, first, note the title. I haven’t updated this blog in a while so this really happened a little ways down the road. 

I kissed this girl in a party last year and, fast forward to this moment, everyone expects us to be together. In fact, I kinda liked her but I also like other girls which is her fault for being not so responsive. As a bro, I would like to know if a girl really likes me but I cannot know it for sure unless the girl tells me herself. That shit would not happen, at least not in the near future, because this girl is shy as fuck. I thought I was shy, you’d be dead wrong, motherfucker. 

Last summer, I tried texting her and she replies sometimes. Now, classes have started and I still text her but she replies occassionally. I think she is playing me and sometime I actually think she does not like me but I have testament from close sources that she does in fact like me. I am drinking buddies with her gay best friend but the gay would still not divulge any information that might prove useful for my enterprise. 

Now, I sit right next to her in class and everyone in class knows what is going on because that is how shit works here. Do something out of the ordinary and all eyes are on you. 

However, as much as I like her, I also lust for her basketball teammate who is also a classmate of ours. I am actually close to this girl but this girl has quite an attitude, with an Arya Stark-like aura but she has a nice body and great tits. That body of hers, she keeps covered in her uniform but whenever she is not in her school attire, you could see her shapely tits and nice legs. The only thing missing is a great cunt which I hope to see in the next future. 

Another crush of mine also has nice tits and a great ass with a pretty face to boot. The good thing is she does not seem to have experiences with boys but she flirts me. I know it because she is very responsive to my jokes and comments unlike Girl A who, compared to this girl, is very much like a rock.

See you soon! XOXO