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You are a Waste of Time

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Whatever happened to the girl I am courting, you say? Nothing. What a waste of time and money. So tip for you girls—just tell the guy if you are into fucking, relationships, or if you are not interested. Unless he is rich. Just tell him you are interested regardless of the truth.

So after the bitch’s basketball game, I was waiting for her. I greeted her and congratulated her on the team’s victory (They ended up third place, by the way). After greeting her, I saw a bald guy in a big gray shirt. The girl is quite tall and the guy is shorter than her. The guy was fat and ugly. It is her ex-boyfriend.

I already had suspicions when she did not return my replies to her texts. I also stopped sitting next to her. Basically, since she was already with her on-and-off ex-boyfriend, I stopped courting her. I was not much interested in her anyway. Maybe a little crush but that is the extent of it. She is also just quite plain. I mean, we shared a kiss, but that is it. Our friends and some people try to get us together but, for me, she is so not worth it.

In fact, this is the end of this post. I won’t ruminate so much since I was not interested in you from the start. Lowering my standards seem to have the opposite effect because I can do much more with beautiful girls. 

After taking a [profanity omitted]

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After defecating, our hero opened the bathroom’s door. He peered into the darkness and into his left where the light source emerged. From the white, dirty, and wet tiles he stepped into the red, dirty, and wet rag to dry his feet. 

His slippers lay there.

He turned off the lights without turning off the wind tunnel to remove the stench of [profanity omitted]. In previous days, he would sneeze into this exhaust fan to remove the virus particles from the washroom universally used by all. 

He walked into the leaving room with only a sando and mildew green towel wrapped on his bottom half. He opened the towel for the elecetric fan to dry his nether regions. He examined his cock and balls. It would be good, he thought, to get some fucking today. “My cock yearns for cunt.”

Writer’s Note: Apologies to readers but I do not want to use [profanity omitted] on these parts.

He made sure that his future plans would eventually work. He began to think of how to hook up with his hot groupmate who is so uptight. “She just need cock in that tight cunt of hers, that stupid bitch,” he thought. She is not girlfriend material. Maybe just good for boning. Who knows maybe she is also good at sucking cock. The bitch has a small mouth, perfect for ramming his big cock into it. Once I subdue her face, I would eat her pussy, she might like it.