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Being not in love is abhorrent. It is a very unnatural state. To love is to be truly human. Thus, someone who does not love and is unloved is truly subhuman. 

Being not in love is abhorrent

The swivelling state of uncertainty but the possibility of absolute victory is what prompted me to try and court the girl of my dreams.

To tell you in advance, this story has no happy ending. My story has no vindication, no climax, no moment of triumph but only a point in time when I was certain that defeat was assured. Now, let me tell you my story.

There was a very pretty girl, Dianne, who I fell in love with a few years ago. She was in a relationship and I stopped pursuing her because of that, being a gentleman who respects the bond between official lovers. The girl is now single, so I tried to make a move. She is fun, sexy, with a smile that will always brighten your day. Oh, that smile. That smile is to die for. Being the ignoramus that I was, I, again, fell in love with her.

We were teased, similar to that when other people see young love blossoming in their eyes. The leader of those who tease me is my friend, Paul. Paul is one of the closest friends that I have. He is also very close to Dianne. Paul’s ex-girlfriend, Joyce, is Dianne’s best friend. Paul is currently in a long term relationship with another girl and they have been together for almost 7 years. While I stuttered and fumbled for words with Dianne, Paul jut came in with a natural grace when talking to her. I felt safe because I know Paul would never betray me, much less his girlfriend of 7 years.

Things took a turn for the worst. I noticed that Paul and Dianne are becoming closer to each other as the days passed. I kept this to myself, just thinking that maybe I was clouded with false jealousy. Paul and Dianne started eating lunch together, and then dinner, and then lunch and dinner. I am not the only one who noticed this. They started going home together with the excuse being that they live in the same area. HOW FUCKING CONVENIENT. Who the hell knows if they are having coitus. I won’t be surprised.

I asked Paul about this. Many people asked both of them about this but they both denied anything between them. “We’re just friends.” What a fucking cliche. Well, friends do fornicate too, you know. It does not happen all the time but it happens. Shit like that happens more times than we know because of underreporting.

I lost all my trust and confidence in Paul. He is snake waiting to bite when the time is ripe. He used me as bait and leverage to get what he wants. Kudos to you, bro. You got two girls but you destroyed our friendship. Friendship fucking over. Paul is a liar. How do I know that? I overheard a mutual friend of ours saying that Paul likes Dianne too. Dianne still denies it but it is getting hard to believe that coming from someone who enters into a relationship to another person who knows that guy is trouble.

Yeah, heartbroken once again. 0/10. Motherfucking record.



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