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Up to Now

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Up to now, there is still some hate.

Every time I’m doing nothing, all I think about is that traitor and how he got my girl from me. I always think about what kind of girl she is, a girl who is willing to get another person’s significant other.

There are plenty of fish in the sea and a lot of those fishes are single. What could she be thinking? Could she be pondering that he was worth the risk? She is willing to be second best, to be the fall back for that guy. What kind of girl does that?

I bet she is willing to be a mistress.

Death of A Baby (from Reddit)

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Death of a Baby

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Warning: Pretty gruesome post so if you are not squeamish, you can read ahead.

As an intro, I must say that I do not have a baby and never had one in the past.

I am living with my parents and siblings and we also have two babies, one younger and one is a bit older. As I know that we don’t have any babies, I just assumed we adopted them. I do not know the name or sex of the older baby but the younger baby is named “Samantha.”

Now these babies fight all the time. At one point, the bigger baby almost put Samantha’s whole face into his/her mouth. I break up their fight and I see that Samantha’s tongue is bleeding. I went out of the room to call my parents to tell what happened. It took quite a while to find someone.

When I returned, I saw, Samantha (I assume), dead. The upper half of her head was separated from her jaw as I can see the tongue. I cried when I saw this and then I woke up.

P.S. I was pretty disturbed by this dream due to the gruesome nature of it but I did not cry on waking up. I wonder if there is such a significance.

What does this mean?