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Sent Dic Pics Mean Love

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2017 at 3:37 pm

Far from the common belief that pictures of the male genitalia being vulgar and reprehensible, dick pics are artworks and show authentic human attraction between different or same sex.

I was browsing instagram, a well-known platform for hookers and hookers-who-claim-they-are-just-models when one of my contacts posted a dick pic in her instagram story. It was sent by an admirer, claiming that she made him ejaculate multiple times and she made him grow to seven inches! This was posted in her instagram story (which disappear after twenty-four hours) but she did not blur the image of the penis, she did not censor the name of the sender, and, worst of all, she vandalized this work of art by claiming that it does not look like seven inches, but more like three inches. To be fair to the sender, it looks quite long and beautiful, if that indeed is his copulatory organ.

The penis is a potent symbol of male virility, so much so that, in general, almost all cultures view a large member as more masculine and more powerful. The Greeks are the exception to the rule with their depiction of the small penis as more aesthetically pleasing to differentiate themselves from the barbarians who sometimes fought with them, sans clothing with their dicks in display.

Scientists also found that one of the reasons why males have a larger penis-to-body ratio compared with other apes is because human males are bipedal creatures and natural selection has chosen the big penis. An indicator that size does matter since the big cock genes are passed from parent to offspring. So sending a penis image is a truly natural act, in the sense that ever since the beginning of time, ancient man has practiced exhibitionism to some degree.

Sending a dick pic means vulnerability. The man’s most private part is shown to the world to see but it is sent to the person that the male trusts. It means, “I am vulnerable for you because I love you.” Exposing oneself to ridicule and shame but knowing that nothing else matters but what your lover thinks, that is love.

-B. I.



On Whang Od: Social Justice Warriors React!

In Uncategorized on October 23, 2017 at 7:44 pm

In the cacophony of voices, one voice remains silent: the center of the controversy, Whang Od herself. Some say she was exploited, others claim that she was given justice and the art was properly showcased. Again, the best person to answer this is Whang Od herself.

Did she feel exploited? I think that she is wise beyond her years to know if she is being taken advantage of by the organizers of the event. Or maybe people assumed that since she is a katutubo, she does not know when people are using her! Come on, you are giving too much credit to yourself and making her appear the fool.

I know the importance of the cultural context by which people get the tattoos from her. But do we have to do the same? Do we have to kill another person, present the head, and get the tattoo as a symbol of a successful hunt? In that case, what the tourists do, whether local or foreign, is misappropriating the proper use of the tribal markings. Some would say that you need to journey to Buscayan to be able to be worthy of the tattoo, as if it is a price that is coveted but if we compare this “sacrifice” to the effort that they put in this endeavor with what the headhunters do, these tourists would not be worthy of the tattoo as well!

You do not have to go to Buscayan to appreciate her culture. What we need is to study and preserve this indigenous art. Showcasing her skills and artwork in the Metro would be the best way to do so.

Devil May Cry: Realization

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2017 at 10:15 pm

Did any of you play Devil May Cry 4 (?). It’s the one where a guy with a magic arm named Nero is the protagonist. Dante is the usual main character (and you will be able to play him later in the game). Well, the game started of with Nero being part of this “religion” which worships Sparda (Dante’s dad and the devil who rebelled against his programming to help humanity).

Nero does not believe in this savior narrative and he does not want any of those BS. At the start of the game, he seems to be attending some sort of worship service but he is the only one not in white cape (eerily similar to those used by the KKK) and he appears to be bored out of his mind. In a later encounter with one of the games minor characters (with sever lack of clothing but bountiful amount of bosom), he scoffs after she said “May the savior be with you in your journey.”


Why the hell do they still keep Nero around if he does not believe in their core tenets?

My position is that Nero once believed in what the Order worships but somewhere along the line, he lost his faith.

Who knew that some videogame would teach so much in life!

Mood: sexually aroused AF

PS— Holy smokes, this things do come in pulses! In bits and pieces. Writer’s inspiration works that way.

Like One of Those Instagram Hoes I Follow

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Starbucks Somewhere. Accessible by foot or by vehicular transport.

Pros: near my place. Lots of plugs so I can charge my appliances.

Cons: squatter kids beating the system. Just an hour ago, a ragged group of kids with skateboards in hand, just went to the counter and got free water. Good thing is the mist children did not last long enough to cause trouble. Another one (IDK if it’s a girl or a boy because it has a short haircut), just strolled in the place like it’s nobody’s business and used the bathroom. The gall of the wanker!

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The Post-modern Voyeur

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Art is in the eye of the beholder. Art is subjective whether it is a fully fleshed out Medieval statue or a abstract painting from the modern times. Historians argue that art is a product of the day and age in which the artist lived while philosophers argue that art, in itself, exists on its own once created, independent from its creator.

In this controversial opinion, some would argue that what is being done is simply voyeurism. One could argue, that the act is not different from that of the paparazzi. The question therein lies on the delineation between the voyeuristic and the artistic endeavor. Should there be a difference? Ancient painters and sculptors have nude models but they cannot be said to be malicious in nature. The sexual undertones are very strong.

The difference does not exist. The artists of the old used oil and canvas to elevate the beauty beyond the subject and the new artisans use the lens of the camera to capture and preserve a moment in time that would never happen again.

An A*$ to Die For

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I saw that girl again. She has a nice body though, medium height, large tits (probably helped by push up bra), but she has a nice ass. The last time I saw her she was with her boytoy. Now, she is alone. Hehe. Her shorts are very short but, unfortunately, she’s not wearing commando. Yeah, I can see her underwear lines. She has nice legs as well, not thin, with just the right amount of meat but, the best of all, is that she is shaved. Her ass is the feature that I like most. Her squeeze probably likes it doggystyle and she makes sure he is happy by doing squats to increase the size of her posterior. She probably has a tramp stamp that says, “slut,” as that what she is LOL. The face though … 7/10

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P. L. I. O.

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Pregnant lady in orange. She wears a short silver skirt with embroidered designs, about half the length of her thigh. Her orange dress is … very unusual. It opens about halfway to the back and I can see that she is wearing NO bra. Plus points for her cause she is pretty too.

Whenever I see a pregnant woman, I can’t help but think, “You’ve been fucked…and the worst thing is you can’t hide it!” It must be really nice to fuck a preggo. I mean, there is no chance that she’ll get pregnant while she is pregnant. True natural contraception. It’s just that the cum mixes with the baby fluid (amniotic fluid is baby pee, TBH) and it’s kinda gross.

Note to Self: Stop procrastinating and get on with your work, dumb bitch!

Mood: Horny A. F. 😉

Song: John Mayer – Your Body is Wonderland

P.S.: It’s nice observing girls when they’re licking ice cream or eating banana. So you can see how good they are at fellatio.

Gen. 30: 3-6

She [Leah] replied, “Here is my maidservant Bilhah. Have intercourse with her and let her give birth on my knees, so that I too may have offspring, at least through her.” So she gave him her maidservant Bilhah as consort and Jacob had intercourse with her. When Bilhah conceived and bore a son, Rachel said, “God has vindicated me; indeed he has heeded my plea and given me a son.”


Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

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Fuckin’ A. I slept in the coffee shop again. Every time that noontime comes, I do feel sleepy, my dear sirs.

Everyone would do it if it was easy.

I’m here again. Not inside but outside. Wasting my time/studying. God knows what I’m doing and I only hope for His mercy as I am losing my focus and hope all at the same time. I write and I write some more as I wait for my Facebook account to connect to what seem like forever. The bar in Safari is less than halfway. Yes, I’m not using Chrome which is supposed to be the fastest but is known to be a power-hugging browser.

Oh, it has loaded. Yet, I’m still waiting for the chat to show.

I was waiting for disappointment and I was not (?) disappointed. Lower expectations means more happiness.

I turned it off. I turned it on again. Reload. Wait. I see a FB Messenger (TM, C) alert.

My title though? It refers to a girl’s ass. A place where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s even worse if they try to wear very short shorts and you can see their butt cheek but it’s either black or pock-marked. Fucking disgusting.

Okay, back to work.


Mood: semi-happy 🙂

Song: Zedd feat. Hayley Williams – Stay the Night

Annoying, Isn’t it?

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It annoys me. Many things annoy me. Moments that are hated include, but not limited to: accidentally touching a dirty surface, feeling a pounding sensation in my forehead because I didn’t take lunch, ‘cause I have few dough. So, to my body, I can only say, go suck it up and toughen up because if you do not, you can go and fuck yourself.

Jesus fucking Christ, I overstretched and my right shoulder hurts now. Sometimes, I also overstretch my jaw when I yawn and my nerve gets impinged in my lower jaw, producing a sharp pain.

My plan is in ruins. Everything that I was supposed to do today, by His will, was ruined, turned into ash, and crushed by the mortar, like the death of my dreams. A productive day, this was supposed to be. But, alas, it is all for naught.

I watched

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I watched. That is what I did. Ever since I was young, I asked myself: why do some people (others) have everything that they want yet I do not. Back in pre-school, all my classmates have allowances yet I do not. In all honesty, I was only given responsibility for my own money when I started high school. Everything was rationed. Transportation is not an issue as I was being brought to school by the parentals.

My classmates already have cars since high school but I am way past college yet I do not own a vehicle that I can call my own.

Fuck, I’m sleepy. I’m always sleepy/groggy after lunch whether I eat a meal or not. The fuck is wrong with me.

I did everything that God wanted me to do. I waited and I waited. I waited patiently, beyond any realm of reason, I waited for the unreasonable. I waited as there is only one way to go (via public transport) and I waited some more. I hate myself and I wanted to die. I walked. I walked until my feet are sore, until the soles of my rubber shoes are as flat as some girls’ tits. Drenched with sweat, I long for the sweet release of an air-conditioned place and I found my sweet little place of peace in Starbucks. Now, here I am. Writing and reviewing. And writing some more.

Last May (or is it June), I went to a ho. I was devirginized. I just went out with my friends to drink in this dive bar in the street adjacent to the university where I used to study. I was late to the party and I was able to get only one beer. We went to another place afterwards where we drank hard liquor (I think it was brandy). We next went to a trip club where we saw some whores dancing in the stripper pole. Fucking expensive that place is. It costs around $6 to get a drink and a lady’s drink. Afterwards, you talk to a guest relations officer (GRO). We then went to a massage parlor. The massage itself and the room costs around $10. The extra special service costs the same on top of the first $10. My massage therapist, with trap titties (trap because I thought they were huge but it was only a trick of the bra), gave me the whole experience. Oral and missionary.

-T. B. C.