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I didn’t go to a gathering that I was initially invited

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Just this night, some of my friends posted a picture of them going out. I was surprised because I do not know that there is such a thing. I asked, when was this and it was apparently happening right now. They, then, invited me at that time. Of course, I did not respond.

I believe that they are just being modest and try to invite me because I started asking questions already. In truth, they do not want me there as I was not initially invited. So I thought it would be awkward if I just went there.

Update: they added me later to this FB messenger thread and they were surprised that I was not part of the thread. I was even more surprised that such a thread exists! They posted their get-together in this thread which I am not a part of. The fact that they are surprised is kinda telling. It’s as if I don’t exist.

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Just trying out

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