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An A*$ to Die For

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I saw that girl again. She has a nice body though, medium height, large tits (probably helped by push up bra), but she has a nice ass. The last time I saw her she was with her boytoy. Now, she is alone. Hehe. Her shorts are very short but, unfortunately, she’s not wearing commando. Yeah, I can see her underwear lines. She has nice legs as well, not thin, with just the right amount of meat but, the best of all, is that she is shaved. Her ass is the feature that I like most. Her squeeze probably likes it doggystyle and she makes sure he is happy by doing squats to increase the size of her posterior. She probably has a tramp stamp that says, “slut,” as that what she is LOL. The face though … 7/10

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P. L. I. O.

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Pregnant lady in orange. She wears a short silver skirt with embroidered designs, about half the length of her thigh. Her orange dress is … very unusual. It opens about halfway to the back and I can see that she is wearing NO bra. Plus points for her cause she is pretty too.

Whenever I see a pregnant woman, I can’t help but think, “You’ve been fucked…and the worst thing is you can’t hide it!” It must be really nice to fuck a preggo. I mean, there is no chance that she’ll get pregnant while she is pregnant. True natural contraception. It’s just that the cum mixes with the baby fluid (amniotic fluid is baby pee, TBH) and it’s kinda gross.

Note to Self: Stop procrastinating and get on with your work, dumb bitch!

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P.S.: It’s nice observing girls when they’re licking ice cream or eating banana. So you can see how good they are at fellatio.

Gen. 30: 3-6

She [Leah] replied, “Here is my maidservant Bilhah. Have intercourse with her and let her give birth on my knees, so that I too may have offspring, at least through her.” So she gave him her maidservant Bilhah as consort and Jacob had intercourse with her. When Bilhah conceived and bore a son, Rachel said, “God has vindicated me; indeed he has heeded my plea and given me a son.”


Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

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Fuckin’ A. I slept in the coffee shop again. Every time that noontime comes, I do feel sleepy, my dear sirs.

Everyone would do it if it was easy.

I’m here again. Not inside but outside. Wasting my time/studying. God knows what I’m doing and I only hope for His mercy as I am losing my focus and hope all at the same time. I write and I write some more as I wait for my Facebook account to connect to what seem like forever. The bar in Safari is less than halfway. Yes, I’m not using Chrome which is supposed to be the fastest but is known to be a power-hugging browser.

Oh, it has loaded. Yet, I’m still waiting for the chat to show.

I was waiting for disappointment and I was not (?) disappointed. Lower expectations means more happiness.

I turned it off. I turned it on again. Reload. Wait. I see a FB Messenger (TM, C) alert.

My title though? It refers to a girl’s ass. A place where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s even worse if they try to wear very short shorts and you can see their butt cheek but it’s either black or pock-marked. Fucking disgusting.

Okay, back to work.


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Annoying, Isn’t it?

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It annoys me. Many things annoy me. Moments that are hated include, but not limited to: accidentally touching a dirty surface, feeling a pounding sensation in my forehead because I didn’t take lunch, ‘cause I have few dough. So, to my body, I can only say, go suck it up and toughen up because if you do not, you can go and fuck yourself.

Jesus fucking Christ, I overstretched and my right shoulder hurts now. Sometimes, I also overstretch my jaw when I yawn and my nerve gets impinged in my lower jaw, producing a sharp pain.

My plan is in ruins. Everything that I was supposed to do today, by His will, was ruined, turned into ash, and crushed by the mortar, like the death of my dreams. A productive day, this was supposed to be. But, alas, it is all for naught.

I watched

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I watched. That is what I did. Ever since I was young, I asked myself: why do some people (others) have everything that they want yet I do not. Back in pre-school, all my classmates have allowances yet I do not. In all honesty, I was only given responsibility for my own money when I started high school. Everything was rationed. Transportation is not an issue as I was being brought to school by the parentals.

My classmates already have cars since high school but I am way past college yet I do not own a vehicle that I can call my own.

Fuck, I’m sleepy. I’m always sleepy/groggy after lunch whether I eat a meal or not. The fuck is wrong with me.

I did everything that God wanted me to do. I waited and I waited. I waited patiently, beyond any realm of reason, I waited for the unreasonable. I waited as there is only one way to go (via public transport) and I waited some more. I hate myself and I wanted to die. I walked. I walked until my feet are sore, until the soles of my rubber shoes are as flat as some girls’ tits. Drenched with sweat, I long for the sweet release of an air-conditioned place and I found my sweet little place of peace in Starbucks. Now, here I am. Writing and reviewing. And writing some more.

Last May (or is it June), I went to a ho. I was devirginized. I just went out with my friends to drink in this dive bar in the street adjacent to the university where I used to study. I was late to the party and I was able to get only one beer. We went to another place afterwards where we drank hard liquor (I think it was brandy). We next went to a trip club where we saw some whores dancing in the stripper pole. Fucking expensive that place is. It costs around $6 to get a drink and a lady’s drink. Afterwards, you talk to a guest relations officer (GRO). We then went to a massage parlor. The massage itself and the room costs around $10. The extra special service costs the same on top of the first $10. My massage therapist, with trap titties (trap because I thought they were huge but it was only a trick of the bra), gave me the whole experience. Oral and missionary.

-T. B. C.

Beyond Morality

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Morality… Good and evil. The duality that governs our lives. The Light Side and the Dark Side. Different faces of one coin. But, for me, there is only one face. Good and evil are treated as separate entities of one being. Evil is said to be the absence of good but is the converse true?

Morality, today, is subjective. Who defines morality? God? But not all people believe in God. Some believe in a different god, some are in the opinion that there are gods, and others believe that we cannot know for certain the existence of God.

Is it the government that defines morality? Laws are passed and executed but these laws do not always coincide with the moral code. There are numerous immoral laws, surpassing even the number of governments of the world. The government can teach about ethics and religion can do the same but their teachings would not be… congruent.

No. The ultimate moral arbiter is the self. The rise of post-modernism, where every truth that was once known was disputed, was due to the supremacy of western civilization. The civilization values, above all else, the supremacy of the self. Achievement made by oneself is the greatest that a person can have.

Baby-killing, also called abortion, an abominable act, is massively popular in the heathen population. To abort means to stop. From the word itself, it already dehumanizes the baby. The baby is stopped from being considered a baby because do not want to be branded as baby-killers. In actuality, the baby is stopped in its growth and development. It is already a human which should enjoy all rights that any human should have.

Sodomy, a bastardly act, is another unnatural and vile sexual method. It has already been condemned in the Bible! A whole town was turned to ash and salt because of the sheer foulness of the action. Today, that method of copulation is very much normalized. As if it is normal to put the seed of life where the shit feces leaves.

Connoisseur of Fine Women

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I want back to my Alma Mater today. There are new students, freshmen, or, rather, should I say, fresh meat! There are many pretty girls who might need some loving. I remember that one of them has a bob haircut, pale flesh, and aquiline nose. What really strikes me is her pants. The institution requires that we have tight white pants and a bonus for the boys are the visible panty lines in the girls. I tried looking for panty lines but I cannot find any. Possible explanations:

(1) she wears a very long undergarment, which is not uncommon BUT, unlike these types of underwear where the end is visible, I cannot find where her “undergarment” tapers which leads me to one other conclusion…

(2) she just went commando

The second possibility is so exciting for me because no girl has ever dared not wearing underwear at school… well, at least, none that I know of. There is no girl that has even worn a thong at school. To be able to wear (or, NOT WEAR) anything under a tight and practically transparent outfit would only mean that the lady is comfortable in her own skin and she is craving for some sexy time.


In (a) previous incident(s), there is this girl, Micha, who wears tight underwear that the underwear lines are visible. She has a nice ass, by the way. She has a cute face, and, one time, I even saw her panties. She was wearing a miniskirt. The first thing that I saw where her legs. It was neither muscular nor thin but just the right amount of muscle and, the best part, her legs look pink, creamy, and they are shaved. But the best is yet to come. She was postured just right for me to see her visible undies. It was white which made it visible in the underside of the skirt. I tried going back and forth to take a peek but she has closed her legs.

Another incident happened early this year. This pretty girl, wearing her hair in a bun, with black horn-rimmed glasses, and pale Chinese features, also wearing white, has worn red panties. I don’t know if she’s dumb or she just really believes in the power of honesty and men are not really perverts but her panties are very much visible in the thin white fabric of her clothing.

Families are Messy

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I still remember this heat.

Long day. Had to get a TNV (transport network vehicle) because I do not have a car. Went to a lunch meeting. Food was great. I ordered pork flakes with sunny side up eggs with rice. Fuck it was delicious. After that long meeting, were we discussed who are the people that we are worried about… it was enlightening, really.

Other people have more problematic persons in their tutelage. Someone self-medicates with ritalin and, get this, his father is worried about him because he looks depressed as fuck when he is at home, studying. Another one has financial troubles on top of the fact that she is caring for her aunt who is in a catatonic state after the uncle died. Another realization is that they belong in the same group of friends. As our leader said, it was like “the blind leading the blind.” The meeting ended productively.

I walked for a very long time, admiring the tall skyscrapers of varying colors dotting the city skylines, until I became sweaty. I was able to take an air-conditioned ride but then the driver made me go down because his van is overheating. I was able to get another ride then back to another shop of coffee.

I’m at my favorite spot in the second floor of the establishment. Almost at the edge but not quite with just enough space to go out. The floors are brown with a wood motif but, near the edge, it changes to tiles with 3D cube designs of alternating, white, gray, and black shades. The tables are wooden and circular, cream-brown in color with some of the wooden chairs having the same hue. Other chairs are black and appears to be made of polymers.

I haven’t touched my cock in more than 24 hours and I can feel its effects now. A girl, who looks like she likes me, 6/10 in my assessment, has a great body but the face is… OK. She’s wearing a pastel-colored dress which gives ample view of her shaved thighs and legs. At her back, is a black and white tattoo of the map of the world. She’s probably trying to indicate, “hey, I’m a strong an independent woman (haha!) and I don’t need no man but I like to travel a lot” or “I would want to go to these places” or “I would like my man to point out where North Korea is while he’s screwing me from the back.”

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Life in an Oven

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I still remember this heat. This sweltering heat. Even though it was excruciatingly hot, mother would boil water in our small condo for her to take a bath. I don’t like hot water. It only becomes tolerable every time Christmas season comes, when the heat is swamped by the cold November air, at night. The afternoons are still dominated by the blistering tropical sun.

Cold water in summer weather is the blessing that we are all waiting for, like a shit that would not let go, until diarrhea takes over, and almost like cumming after holding it in for more than three days.

The cigarette stench still waft from the chambers below. Pungent and sickly, almost sweet but not. The stench is almost overpowering when it mixes with the air conditioner. We will shut the windows close but the heat would not circulate out from the house, amplifying the already sickening weather that we have here.

Fuck I hate my life

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Few things I hate are getting down with the cold and being in steaming heat. Guess what? I have both. I’m sick with the cold yet again, with snot dripping out of my nostrils like a cum between a girl’s thighs. The perpetual itch that takes forever to go away like a drug-resistant STD.

It is so fucking hot in here. The kind of heat that stews. The kind of heat in the sauna. The heat that make you sweat even while you eat. Why the hell do we have this kind of heat?

I remember that I was supposed to go out today. Pros: free air-conditioning in this god-forsaken heat wave. Cons: I have no more clothes. No clothes to even go out. Fuck, I hate my life. It is even colder outside than inside here.

I have not shit in three days. I bought two chocolate drinks just to ensure that I would be able to defecate later and not do numero dos at work.

Everyday, my internet connection sucks. I tried connecting and reconnecting more than 10 times just so I can have a decent and stable internet connection. I complained to my ISP, but, you know, they give the same generic advice: Have you tried turning it on and off again? What the hell do you think I am? Like I was born yesterday? Of course I did. Any halfwit with half a sense would do the same.

[to be continued]


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