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Why does it have to be you?

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2018 at 8:40 am

Hello, Silver P.,

Why does it have to be you?

Why did you have to be the one to first talk to me?

Why did you have to be the drunk one to call me in the evening?

Why did you call me instead of your boyfriend? What am I really to you?

That night, I wished things had gone far different but my fear and sense of decency took hold of me, refusing to dive in the ocean of uncertainty.

And now we must say our goodbyes for I fear (and maybe even hope) that we would never see each other again…

I wish that I ave met you sooner. I wish that I have been born in a different place and maybe we could be together.

Hands trying to grab a red heart in a bird cage / Forbidden love concept