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Connoisseur of Fine Women

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I want back to my Alma Mater today. There are new students, freshmen, or, rather, should I say, fresh meat! There are many pretty girls who might need some loving. I remember that one of them has a bob haircut, pale flesh, and aquiline nose. What really strikes me is her pants. The institution requires that we have tight white pants and a bonus for the boys are the visible panty lines in the girls. I tried looking for panty lines but I cannot find any. Possible explanations:

(1) she wears a very long undergarment, which is not uncommon BUT, unlike these types of underwear where the end is visible, I cannot find where her “undergarment” tapers which leads me to one other conclusion…

(2) she just went commando

The second possibility is so exciting for me because no girl has ever dared not wearing underwear at school… well, at least, none that I know of. There is no girl that has even worn a thong at school. To be able to wear (or, NOT WEAR) anything under a tight and practically transparent outfit would only mean that the lady is comfortable in her own skin and she is craving for some sexy time.


In (a) previous incident(s), there is this girl, Micha, who wears tight underwear that the underwear lines are visible. She has a nice ass, by the way. She has a cute face, and, one time, I even saw her panties. She was wearing a miniskirt. The first thing that I saw where her legs. It was neither muscular nor thin but just the right amount of muscle and, the best part, her legs look pink, creamy, and they are shaved. But the best is yet to come. She was postured just right for me to see her visible undies. It was white which made it visible in the underside of the skirt. I tried going back and forth to take a peek but she has closed her legs.

Another incident happened early this year. This pretty girl, wearing her hair in a bun, with black horn-rimmed glasses, and pale Chinese features, also wearing white, has worn red panties. I don’t know if she’s dumb or she just really believes in the power of honesty and men are not really perverts but her panties are very much visible in the thin white fabric of her clothing.

Families are Messy

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I still remember this heat.

Long day. Had to get a TNV (transport network vehicle) because I do not have a car. Went to a lunch meeting. Food was great. I ordered pork flakes with sunny side up eggs with rice. Fuck it was delicious. After that long meeting, were we discussed who are the people that we are worried about… it was enlightening, really.

Other people have more problematic persons in their tutelage. Someone self-medicates with ritalin and, get this, his father is worried about him because he looks depressed as fuck when he is at home, studying. Another one has financial troubles on top of the fact that she is caring for her aunt who is in a catatonic state after the uncle died. Another realization is that they belong in the same group of friends. As our leader said, it was like “the blind leading the blind.” The meeting ended productively.

I walked for a very long time, admiring the tall skyscrapers of varying colors dotting the city skylines, until I became sweaty. I was able to take an air-conditioned ride but then the driver made me go down because his van is overheating. I was able to get another ride then back to another shop of coffee.

I’m at my favorite spot in the second floor of the establishment. Almost at the edge but not quite with just enough space to go out. The floors are brown with a wood motif but, near the edge, it changes to tiles with 3D cube designs of alternating, white, gray, and black shades. The tables are wooden and circular, cream-brown in color with some of the wooden chairs having the same hue. Other chairs are black and appears to be made of polymers.

I haven’t touched my cock in more than 24 hours and I can feel its effects now. A girl, who looks like she likes me, 6/10 in my assessment, has a great body but the face is… OK. She’s wearing a pastel-colored dress which gives ample view of her shaved thighs and legs. At her back, is a black and white tattoo of the map of the world. She’s probably trying to indicate, “hey, I’m a strong an independent woman (haha!) and I don’t need no man but I like to travel a lot” or “I would want to go to these places” or “I would like my man to point out where North Korea is while he’s screwing me from the back.”

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Life in an Oven

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I still remember this heat. This sweltering heat. Even though it was excruciatingly hot, mother would boil water in our small condo for her to take a bath. I don’t like hot water. It only becomes tolerable every time Christmas season comes, when the heat is swamped by the cold November air, at night. The afternoons are still dominated by the blistering tropical sun.

Cold water in summer weather is the blessing that we are all waiting for, like a shit that would not let go, until diarrhea takes over, and almost like cumming after holding it in for more than three days.

The cigarette stench still waft from the chambers below. Pungent and sickly, almost sweet but not. The stench is almost overpowering when it mixes with the air conditioner. We will shut the windows close but the heat would not circulate out from the house, amplifying the already sickening weather that we have here.

Fuck I hate my life

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Few things I hate are getting down with the cold and being in steaming heat. Guess what? I have both. I’m sick with the cold yet again, with snot dripping out of my nostrils like a cum between a girl’s thighs. The perpetual itch that takes forever to go away like a drug-resistant STD.

It is so fucking hot in here. The kind of heat that stews. The kind of heat in the sauna. The heat that make you sweat even while you eat. Why the hell do we have this kind of heat?

I remember that I was supposed to go out today. Pros: free air-conditioning in this god-forsaken heat wave. Cons: I have no more clothes. No clothes to even go out. Fuck, I hate my life. It is even colder outside than inside here.

I have not shit in three days. I bought two chocolate drinks just to ensure that I would be able to defecate later and not do numero dos at work.

Everyday, my internet connection sucks. I tried connecting and reconnecting more than 10 times just so I can have a decent and stable internet connection. I complained to my ISP, but, you know, they give the same generic advice: Have you tried turning it on and off again? What the hell do you think I am? Like I was born yesterday? Of course I did. Any halfwit with half a sense would do the same.

[to be continued]


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How to Know if A Couple is Still Together Without Asking Them

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  1. Profile Pictures

Couples love showing off how they are head over heels for each other with their Look-Where-We’ve-Been-To posts. A picture of each other, especially if that is their Facebook profile picture, is a sure fire way of telling that they are a couple and that they are so in love! They also posts on each other’s walls, takes pictures of each other and posts them as well. So a profile picture with only a single person is a good indicator that the couple has broken up.

2. No Interaction With Each Other

Posts and pics of each other are usually liked and commented on by the other person. If they are not together anymore, there is a startlingly lack of interaction

3. They are not FB Friends

Face it, this guy/girl knows the most intimate thing about you yet you are not friends? This is some major falling out. A falling out that is not easily mended. Also, this is another reason why they cannot interact with each other

4. They Flirt With Other People in Social Media

This shit is so obvious it hurts.

Reasons why lesbians are the worst

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  1. They are not even real lesbos…

Case in point: Amber Heard. This girl used to date another girl until the other girl was dumped in favor of the far more wealthy Johnny Depp. Being a lesbian is a career move for this woman. A lesbian is still a rarity in Hollywood that is why they are still talked about. As the saying goes, bad publicity is still publicity. Well, her career failed to launch. In fact, the only movie I saw her in is Drive which is actually more notable for the sex scene between Nicholas Cage and Charlotte Ross. She then seduced Depp in order to finance her high maintenance life. I thought lesbos only date women?

2. They are manipulative as fuck…

I know a lot of lesbians and most of them are just like girls, except for the fact that they, also, like girls. Since they are girls, they know what girls want. Going to the bathroom is such an opportunity for them to perve on girls without girls noticing. Most girls, when they found out a girl is lesbian, would actually be creeped the fuck out. This is similar to a guy in the friendzone, except that girls can be wary knowing that the guy likes them, but with lesbians, they can let their guard down and be vulnerable, not knowing that they are being exploited.

I didn’t go to a gathering that I was initially invited

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Original article can be found here.

Just this night, some of my friends posted a picture of them going out. I was surprised because I do not know that there is such a thing. I asked, when was this and it was apparently happening right now. They, then, invited me at that time. Of course, I did not respond.

I believe that they are just being modest and try to invite me because I started asking questions already. In truth, they do not want me there as I was not initially invited. So I thought it would be awkward if I just went there.

Update: they added me later to this FB messenger thread and they were surprised that I was not part of the thread. I was even more surprised that such a thread exists! They posted their get-together in this thread which I am not a part of. The fact that they are surprised is kinda telling. It’s as if I don’t exist.

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Just trying out

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The real thug

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The real thug right here