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The Most Ancient Livelihood

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Yeah, you know it. Prostitution. For some reason, people still revile whores. In this day and age, where consent is taken, taken back, and even seized, the appeal of prostitution is significant. They have the purest form of consent in the sense that the act is treated as a transaction, not as a sacrament or an expression of love (I’m totally cringing as I write this). Consent is not needed because it is implicit in the transaction. Of course, escorts can take it back anytime during the deed but, as most of these things are, money is given after the act (though some prefer to do it prior to the act), and this seals the contract. The threat of non-payment is what keeps consent in check. There could also be stipulations as to what the customer and the personal service provider (PSP), can do and agreeing to meet with the escort would mean accepting these terms and agreement.

Dating is somewhat similar. Women refuse to acknowledge what they want. Dining, going to the movies, and other such socially acceptable deeds, are transactions as well, costing discrete monetary amounts. Sex (the end point of the transaction), is not a guarantee. So what makes whoring different? Is it the efficiency of the transaction with the eventual end goal?


P. L. I. O.

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Pregnant lady in orange. She wears a short silver skirt with embroidered designs, about half the length of her thigh. Her orange dress is … very unusual. It opens about halfway to the back and I can see that she is wearing NO bra. Plus points for her cause she is pretty too.

Whenever I see a pregnant woman, I can’t help but think, “You’ve been fucked…and the worst thing is you can’t hide it!” It must be really nice to fuck a preggo. I mean, there is no chance that she’ll get pregnant while she is pregnant. True natural contraception. It’s just that the cum mixes with the baby fluid (amniotic fluid is baby pee, TBH) and it’s kinda gross.

Note to Self: Stop procrastinating and get on with your work, dumb bitch!

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P.S.: It’s nice observing girls when they’re licking ice cream or eating banana. So you can see how good they are at fellatio.

Gen. 30: 3-6

She [Leah] replied, “Here is my maidservant Bilhah. Have intercourse with her and let her give birth on my knees, so that I too may have offspring, at least through her.” So she gave him her maidservant Bilhah as consort and Jacob had intercourse with her. When Bilhah conceived and bore a son, Rachel said, “God has vindicated me; indeed he has heeded my plea and given me a son.”


Reasons why lesbians are the worst

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  1. They are not even real lesbos…

Case in point: Amber Heard. This girl used to date another girl until the other girl was dumped in favor of the far more wealthy Johnny Depp. Being a lesbian is a career move for this woman. A lesbian is still a rarity in Hollywood that is why they are still talked about. As the saying goes, bad publicity is still publicity. Well, her career failed to launch. In fact, the only movie I saw her in is Drive which is actually more notable for the sex scene between Nicholas Cage and Charlotte Ross. She then seduced Depp in order to finance her high maintenance life. I thought lesbos only date women?

2. They are manipulative as fuck…

I know a lot of lesbians and most of them are just like girls, except for the fact that they, also, like girls. Since they are girls, they know what girls want. Going to the bathroom is such an opportunity for them to perve on girls without girls noticing. Most girls, when they found out a girl is lesbian, would actually be creeped the fuck out. This is similar to a guy in the friendzone, except that girls can be wary knowing that the guy likes them, but with lesbians, they can let their guard down and be vulnerable, not knowing that they are being exploited.