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F. U. C. T. (From Under The Cork Tree)

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I had another dream. This one takes a turn for the worst. It was almost like the battle scene in the movie 300. Me and some of my comrades were holed up in a hut in some tropical islands when these natives came to invade us. At one point, I saw the leader of a Roman legion gallop into the battlefield seemingly leading his men to help us but, in an instant, he was gone. I felt that each of my brothers-in-arms fell from the battle field until I was the only one left. I tried to run away but I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my back. I believe that a spear got the best of me and I am dying. The end of the dream.

P. S.: Today is a very itchy day. Swarms of fleas came out of nowhere to my study. It was really tough fighting against these vile creatures. I surmised that it came from the dog when these organisms are escaping the onslaught of the anti-flea powder. Now they are jumping into their next victim which is unprotected by anti-flea powder who is me. I sometimes caught some of them and execute them by drowning in the water or by putting them between the fingernails of my index finger and thumb and using the fingernails of the same fingers from the opposite hand, I would separate their bodies with blood pouring out of them which probably came from me.

Reaching the Edge of the Crescent Moon

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Here is the next dream.

It was dark, maybe stormy with hints of lightning and thunder and there was a flood. I am trying to reach my bag but I can’t. The bag is in the top of a hook-like piece of rock which was almost curved into a semi-circle. I tried reaching for the bag and looking up. I am quite sure that I was climbing the rock like a mountain climber dangling from the harness but there was no harness for me. Only bare hands gripping the rock which appears to be smooth. I can feel my feet hanging in mid-air while my hands are holding the rocks but I still cannot reach my bag. I can feel the flood rising and then I dropped. To my surprise, the rock was a mere six feet and it was a light fall without any injuries. When lightning struck, it illuminated the rock and there was a platform at the bottom of the rock where the some bags, including mine, are found. I looked up and what I thought I was reaching was my bag was actually not my bag. Surrounding the platform where small people with old women faces and they seem friendly. One of them held up my bag to me and I reached for it. The End. 

We are Never Ever (Maybe) Getting Back Together

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For several nights, Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, Dream King, Lord of the Dreaming visited me in the form of dreams. These dreams are especially vivid and so while I can still recall them, I would like to record them in the internets for posterity and when a future civilization can see us, they can know that some people make sense more than others.

I once dreamed again about CC. Prior to the dream, she was out of my mind for a few days. Well, my subconscious says that, “Hey, bro, you haven’t thought of her in a while did you?” So here she is. I will just go to the last part first because it is annoying as hell. There was this guy (who I think was with her because of the proximity) sitting in one of those airport style seats. The background such as the pillar and the wall was cream white and so I thought it was the airport. (At this point, my memory is muddled and I must fill in some of the gaps about the details.) The guy was wearing one of those gray shirts and white shorts which seem to be cut out from skinny jeans.

This is now the part that I vividly remember. I saw CC. She was so happy, wearing that stupid smile of hers. She rarely smile but when she did, everything brightens and I remember why I fell in love with her. Her hair was dyed a softer shade of brown unlike when I saw her during the graduation (this is a real memory, by the way). She has bangs and she wears her long hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a flower-printed sundress over which she put a purple cardigan. Even though she is wearing all these, I can’t help noticing her pinkish legs and upper chest which looks very smooth and pink. She then kissed me in the cheek and said, “Thank you.”